Why do you need restaurant POS / Management Software?

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The restaurant business is one of the popular businesses nowadays. A restaurant without POS/Management software is like 500cc bike having the speed limit of 20km/h. The restaurant industry is the most profitable business if managed properly.

Most important part of the restaurant is the customer in the chair. If you could not give proper attention to your customer, is your business going to be successful? NO, actually you will lose your entire business. Every restaurant owner/manager wants to pay more attention towards their customers, it will be more difficult for you because you will be busy in taking orders, assigning kot, writing manual bills, tax calculation, etc. In the restaurant business, you will definitely have a lot of work to do every day then how will you manage to pay more attention to your customers? The correct answer is using POS / Management software.

Restaurant POS / Management software takes full control of your restaurant process, which makes you smart restaurant owner. Here are some reasons why you must have restaurant POS / Management software in your restaurant.



Every morning you open restaurant first task is to check inventory and place order for inventory and make sure it riches before kitchen starts.

Sometimes you are having particular dish very famous, you need to perform timely checking to make sure you have the proper quantity of ingredients.

Your kitchen is continuously focusing on quality and quantity, so sometimes you forget to keep an eye on inventory.

All above problems and much more can be solved easily by using restaurant POS software. It keeps complete track of your inventory which involves inventory consumption, wastage, adjustment, etc.

This helps to reduce your daily task as well as you need not to check inventory every time, it will show pop up on your the computer/ mobile as soon as it riches to its minimum stock level.

You can save a lot of your time as well as money by using proper Restaurant POS software.



This is another complicated part in your restaurant business because you continuously perform the task like receiving an order, updating order, bill calculation, tax adding, etc.

While completing these entire tasks, you hardly manage a little time to pay attention to your customers and have feedback about your restaurant.

By using Restaurant management software, you can do several things easily like

  • Table billing


Your customer can pay his bill from his table. Every time it’s not necessary to go at the counter for paying bills.

This helps to solve problems like bill misplaced, the crowd at the counter.

  • Online/offline


You can work online as well as offline. This helps to secure data. If you operate with online POS, you can access current restaurant transactions at anywhere.

  • Takeaway / Delivery

It will be easier to provide takeaway and delivery feature to your customers by using Restaurant POS Software.

You can have the complete track of your order as well as you can store customer data which might be helpful for you.

  • Payment Methods

Nowadays most of the customers are paying the bill through the card, Paytm, Mobquick. By using Restaurant management software, you will come to know about total cash, card, Paytm, etc. at the day end.

With POS software you can provide multiple payment methods to your customers because it’s not a difficult to maintain.

  •   Tax calculation

It is really hectic job to calculate tax and add it to each bill, it’s very time-consuming. It becomes easier because POS automatically calculate taxes and add it to the bill.

Even GST calculation is easier with restaurant POS.



Restaurant POS software provides you with a complete set of reports like day selling report, monthly sale report, used inventory, maximum sold item, date wise report, etc.

You can easily analyze your business with reports. You can see a graph of your business whether it is going up-words or down-words.

Business intelligence can easily do with reports as well as forecasting is becomes more accurate. You can take wise decisions with current POS Software.

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