Types of Restaurant Billing (POS) Software

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What is a POS system?

At its most basic level, a POS system functions as a cash register that lets retailers ring up sales and keep a record of those transactions in their stores. But thanks to advancements in technology, POS systems can now extend beyond the point of sale.


Above picture is from 1912. It was a Spanish POS. which was used for billing purpose.

Now a days POS is multifunctional. Which helps in many ways it also provides extra functions. It is not only used for the purpose of billing but also management of business.

Today’s  POS  providing features like

  • Web based or Tablet POS
  • Offline working
  • Discounts and notes
  • Fast billing
  • Cash management
  • User management

Today I am going to talk about different Types of POS. which will help you to decide better POS while purchasing POS for your restaurant, bar, cafe, etc.


Offline POS

What is offline POS?

“A point-of-sale system is simply the hardware and software that is used during the checkout process. This includes the computer system and POS software that tracks transactions, credit/debit card readers, and other peripheral devices like a printer and KOT screen. Small business POS software’s are becoming increasingly more common as business owners realize the big benefits that they offer. These systems are technologically advanced and allow for more versatility than just a simple cash register.”

“A POS which is does not need internet connection to operate, each functioning of POS can work perfectly without internet is called as offline POS.”

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Offline POS.


  • Every transaction detail is stored into your system. You can access see your transactions report whenever you want.
  • You can place orders by using tablet/mobile, which looks more professional as restaurant point of view.
  • You will not need to set up an internet connection to operate offline POS system.
  • Offline POS is safe from virus, spams or hackers.



  • If your system faces any kind of hardware crash, it may cause to loss of important information.
  • If POS company launches new update. A service engineer will come to your restaurant and install updates this is time consuming process.
  • You cannot access your system anywhere for that purpose you must be present into restaurant.




Online POS

What is online POS?

“A POS which is completely dependent on internet to operate is called an online POS.”

“A POS software which include cloud storage, online transactions, online report generation. Devices like mobile/tablets are also connected to internet to operate.”

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of online POS


  • Each transaction will be performed and stored online.
  • You can access your data after passing through authentications.
  • It will generate advance reports, so it will be easier to analyse your business. Reports are mailed to you every day or you can see them anytime.
  • It is easy to use, you will need just few hours training, after that you can manage everything in your business.
  • If you are outside of your restaurant, you can access everything and you will have watch on your business.
  • You can take orders online also. This will be more helpful to increase your business.
  • Mobile/Tablet can be used for placing order.
  • You can pay bill by cash payment or card payment or online payment.


  • You must need established and secure internet connection to operate with online POS.
  • You should be aware of virus, spams and hackers. For protecting your data.
  • If there is ups and downs in internet connection, this can cause to loose data.



Hybrid POS

“Hybrid POS is combination of both online and offline POS. it represents functionality of online as well as offline POS.”

Here are some advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid POS.


  • This POS can work Online as well as Offline.
  • If internet connection is not working properly still it works smoothly.
  • There is no threat to data loss.
  • If internet connection gets down, still POS works offline and when internet gets connected the previous data is uploaded to cloud server.



  • Every time an upgrade is necessary, you are going to have to pay for new licenses and software when your business expands.
  • Hardware can fail whether it is through malfunction or disaster and this could lead to lost sales and longer term breakdown of your customer’s trust



While purchasing restaurant POS software think about your budget and POS functionalities.

POS software which will give you more functionality in fewer prices, you should go for it.

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