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Your restaurant is having great food taste and best customer service, but still your tables are empty?

Do you want to make your restaurant famous than your competitors?

If the answer to both above questions is “yes” then this article is important for you.

Plan for Restaurant Marketing

Planning for restaurant marketing is a key factor for booming your business. Successful restaurants always have planned for their business, and they execute it through the complete year.

If you cannot afford lots of money in marketing, it’s totally fine. You still have effective and tested methods to execute which are affordable. By implementing these methods, you can definitely increase your profit.

Online marketing strategies are less costly and having powerful methods than any other marketing strategy.

Online Restaurant Marketing Strategies

It’s time to take advantage of new opportunities to promote your restaurant offers. These changes in the habits of your current and potential customers directly result with the need for significant changes in the development of marketing plan.

Online marketing strategy opens the door to door virtual ways of promotion.

Design Website

ASAPfoodz-web design

Designing a functional and attractive website is creating your existence in the online market. Your website should be the online mirror of your restaurant. It should contain complete information about your restaurant like opening and closing time, menus, special offers, today’s special dish, address, contact details. Better web page design includes navigation in website content and unique look.

Your website is your online business card which helps to establish communication with clients.

Your website should be integrated with your POS application; it becomes easy to update menus and special offers.

You can upload interior photos of our restaurant; it creates a good impression on your customers.

Integrate your website with our POS application so that you can regularly update your menus, special offers, discount coupons, etc. for that purpose you must have high-quality POS software which is having maximum functionalities and should be flexible to use and easy to understand.

Online Orders

online orders via ASAP FOODZ

If you are providing food delivery service, then start taking online orders on your website which will definitely increase your sales and online traffic.

Mostly young crowd prefer to see and choose the dish from your online menu and order it directly from the website.

POS application is having the facility to take online orders and online reservations. It allows you provide fast delivery of your food.

Do not forget while designing a website; online order form must have address and contact section which is mandatory.  It also helps to build the customer database.

SEO – search engine optimization


You have a beautifully designed website for your restaurant with all functionalities including articles and photos, but if you type “restaurants” and your “city name”, your site is not listed on the third page of search engine.

Your site must be properly optimized which means it should fulfill certain criteria according to which search engines are ranking pages as interesting and offering then as the search result.

While designing the website there are some tags to be included, and proper keyword placement in your content must be there on your site. You should target search keywords and incorporate them into your content.

Also, there are some criteria like page speed, optimized images and website should have a number of backlinks which are pointing to your site.

Your website should have some articles regarding your business.

Design your site in such way that customer should stay a long time on your site.


Local Business

local business

Register your business on Google local listings so that your business will be found easily by clients.

Once your business is registered, try to get more and more positive and good rated reviews from your customers. This will increase your local listing as well as the client will more approach to your business.

Share maximum photos of your business on your Google business account, which attracts more customers.

You should have a virtual tour of your restaurant on our Google business page. A virtual tour through your restaurant will definitely extend this time which is a sure way to climb to the top of Google’s list of search results.

Social media marketing


Presence on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest is significant. Use these channels to communicate with your clients. You can create a page on Facebook and post regarding your Business. If you got succeed to make interaction with your fans, then you will definitely improve your business and increase profits.

To achieve this create a profile on social media channels and visit once a week and keep continuous posting regarding your business. You can post photos, new dish in your restaurant, customer experience and video clips of your business, announcements,  events.

You can establish your communication with your clients by replying to their comments. You can find many ways to please your customers online.

Create YouTube Channel


YouTube can be a powerful platform for your Business. Only create a Channel of your Business name and upload videos, as views are increasing so your business will be more famous.

Keep uploading regular videos in your channel it can be another source to earn money for you.

Use Mobile Application

Have you ever observed your customer’s behavior? Most of them are continuously using their phones, few of them have searched your restaurant through their phone.

If you can make restaurant process available to the phone, then you will definitely get more customers. People like most of the things to be controlled from their phone.

You can simply create an application for your customers, which will allow them to order food and track orders from their phones. This will make your business easy and more famous.

Internet Restaurant Coupons


In precious days restaurants were providing coupons to their customers, nowadays most branded restaurants are giving coupons on their websites directly. It is easy to grab coupons online and get them printed.

This will increase your website traffic, which helps to increase sales.

If you have a well-frequently visited website definitely consider putting online buying of restaurant coupons in your offer and use it as a possibility of direct online marketing for your business.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing

While you take online orders you will get customer database, you can use it for email marketing.

It is the most efficient method to build the client relationship. Many of small business spend on email marketing.

The secret to effective email marketing is to have a clear strategic message. If you want to establish email campaign, you can go here. It is effortless to handle and can be freely used up to 2000 email addresses.

Pre-write mail in which you will thank you, client, for responsiveness. Personalize your email if you know the customer. Encourage your potential guests for feedback.

Check your emails regularly and make sure that you answer to all within shortest possible time.

Build Customer Database

customers- asapfoodz

Take every opportunity to gather information about its clients. Any information will be helpful. Names, contact numbers and emails of your clients.

You can send greetings to your customers through SMS. You can wish them on festivals. This helps in building customer loyalty.

If you care about you customer, he will definitely give you the priority.

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