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how to start restaurat

Start Your Dream Restaurant easily by using few techniques

If you are thinking it’s very hard job to start a new Restaurant then let me tell you, “No” it is not.

But it is not easy either way.

Here are few things that you should consider before starting new Restaurant.


  • Before starting Restaurant you must think about place e.g. metro city, non-metro city, town, village, etc.
  • You should aware of food speciality of particular area.
  • Gather complete information about peoples taste in that particular area where you are opening your new restaurant. e.g. In Kerala Idli and Dosa are more famous than west-Bengal.
  • Your Restaurant Should be closer, people could easily reach there. it should not too far from city.
  • It will be helpful if there is an organised colony near by your restaurant.
  • Good transportation facility must be available.
  • You should be able to deliver food in shortest possible time.


  • You Should Design your Restaurant in such way that people should get easily attracted towards it.
  • You can design in many ways like multi floor, with gardens (if you have enough space), single floor. You can implement your own ideas or hire interior designer.
  • Have eye comfortable lightings.
  • You can have beautiful paintings on the wall, which makes customer happier.
  • Furniture design should be unique.
  • Design departments carefully, payment counter should be closer to exit. Kitchen department should not be visible to customers. If you are having space issue, make sure kitchen is not closer to customer tables.
  • Wash basin and bathroom must be in corner.
  • Ultimately design your restaurant in such way that customer has never seen such restaurant design before.

  • Every Business moves around money, for your restaurant business fix your investment amount.
  • You will need money for everything like staff, kitchen, design, POS application, etc. invest your money carefully.

  • Now days every business needs quality specially in restaurant business. If you have quality food then your are king of market.
  • Customers only demand for tasty food, customer may compromise distance and design of restaurant for tasty food. This is only way you can beat your competitors.


  • You should have number of employees in your restaurant.
  • Hire trained employees so they treat your customers in good manner.
  • They should be able to manage rush in your restaurant.
  • Your customer’s happiness should be more important for them.
  • Assign proper responsibilities to them.


  • Your whole restaurant process is going on for your customer.
  • Your first priority should be customer. Customer is boss, you make your boss happy ultimately you will more happy.
  • Before taking decisions ask yourself “how this will helpful for my customers?”

Restaurant maintainence

  • As the Manager/Owner of a Restaurant, there will be a number of checks that you will need to carry out regularly in order to ensure that the business is able to continue safely and smoothly. Whether you’re maintaining the facilities of an exclusive Michelin starred eatery or a fast-food dinner, there will also be a number of annual checks that need to be performed in order to carry out necessary maintenance and repair work. With this in mind, here are just few tips which restaurant facility managers should bear in mind in order keep business and buildings operating efficiently.
  • Check gaskets on all refrigerated units. Make sure they’re clean – grease will degrade gaskets to the point of needing to be replaced. Also check for tears, which allow for air leakage.
  • All kitchen equipment should be wiped down including the inside, outside and underneath the appliance. This includes all stainless still surfaces.
  • Check air filters on refrigerated units, ice machines, and coolers. Vacuum away the dust and clean grease off the filters.
  • Tighten all hardware on dining room furniture.
  • Change glue boards in pest control traps.
  • Wipe down celling, floor and walls of your walk-in to avoid mold and bacteria growth.
  • Monitor your fryer for possible gas leaks every 4-6 weeks by spraying the gas supply hoses with soapy water and watch for bubbles to appear. Do it much sooner if you notice gas smell.
  • Check grease filters on overhead exhaust units. Grease build up restricts airflow.
  • Clean all condenser coils and evaporator coils on refrigerated units with a hand brush once a week.
  • Have the conditioning units services and the filters changed two times a year.
  • Clean all light bulbs to make sure the bulbs match up with the ballast to save money on electricity.
  • Keep drain pans and drain tubes on refrigerated units, walk-in coolers, and freezers clean of debris. This will prevent unit freeze-up.
  • Keep the floors of walk-in coolers, freezers and the bottoms of reach in refrigerated units dry and clean. This reduces the likelihood of slips and falls, as well as keeping coils from freezing up on units.
  • Replace your ventilation system exhaust fan belt and mark-up air belt. (Annually).

marketing & Advertisement

  • Advertisement & marketing is crucially important for every business.
  • “How customers will come to know about your business?” answer of this question is only Advertisement & Marketing.
  • You must try various marketing strategies like discount offers, festival offers, loyalty programme, etc.
  • If your marketing strategy working as expected then your business will keep growing.
  • Never forget internet, register your business online by using GMB(Google My Business ) .
  • Create an attractive website for restaurant. show restaurant features on website. Focus on testimonials, testimonials has potential to boost your business.

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