How to Overcome Food Wastage in Restaurants

Harish bag/ June 7, 2017/ Restaurant Billing Software, Restaurant Tips/ 0 comments

The amount of food wastage every day is huge. We have also seen into dumpster. Do you have any idea how much amount you are wasting in your restaurant business? Every day amount keeps increasing.

Waste, spoilage, overstocking and theft are all “hidden” food cost that can create effect on your cash flow.

Proper inventory management will help you uncover and reduce waste cost.

Here are few tips for controlling your food inventory.

inventory management in Restaurant

Assign team

For managing the food inventory,   set up a team of authorized members. All members should aware of complete inventory process.  Look for trustworthy individuals who are having analytical point of view.

Train Your Team

Train your team members such as, they adept at the inventory method you use. They must be aware of your inventory categories, purchase unite, issue units, food inventory list, etc.

Make sure rest of your staff also aware of well-managed kitchen food inventory list.

Work Daily

Your team should work on inventory daily. If they ignore the wastage food then there will be no use of forming a team. The more often you take control on food  inventory, the easier it is to identify and correct problems.

Setup/ Upgrade Your Restaurant Inventory Management Software

A fully integrated restaurant management software will not only automate your entire restaurant operations but also provide you a 360 degree view of your inventory. Restaurant management software such as ASAPFOODZ Restaurant Billing Software also provides complete inventory management software.

It includes POS(point of sale), KOT handling, billing, it keeps record of items which have been used and items needs to be ordered.

ASAPFOODZ provides complete management of food items from purchasing to using it into restaurant, Which helps you to track our inventory.

Donate food

Huge amount of food wasted every day in restaurants. Rather than throwing it into dumpsters you can donate food which is still good.

Millions of people starving every day, it will be really amazing to show humanity rather than throwing food.

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