Common problems faced by restaurant

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The food industry is high-risk business.  You’ve got tough level competition and lots of details to perfect. .According to survey 62% restaurant business fails in the first year. Opening a restaurant requires a great deal of capital and poses very high risk. How you are going to be successful restaurant owner?


Problem #1: The Menu

One of most common problems restaurant owners are facing now days. A good menu represents restaurant’s image. You have too many or very few menu items? Are your menu items appropriately priced? It’s best to have smaller number of dishes, but making them really well. Longer menus require more ingredients. Here are some tips for menu management.

Keep menu size in check.

Instead of offering five-page menu, you should have smaller number of dishes and doing them excellent.

Keep your menu aligned with your restaurant’s unique proposition.

Group menu items which are having more demand.

Your menu should be tour guide of your restaurant.

Keep menus clean.

Update menu prices once in 10 months.

Make sure your staff is well trained and memorize menu items.

Don’t forget to put your menu items on your website, and make them easily accessible.

Travellers are mostly using their mobile phones to visit your restaurant. you should be able to show your restaurant in a glance.

Problem #2: Hiring and Training staff

Every restaurant owners know the importance of hiring and training right employees. Still restaurant owners fail to hire right people for right job.

If your staff is not well trained, it can damage your current and future customer relations.

Pay extra attention to finding the perfect employees.

Employees can make or break your business.

Once hire, train your staff and offer training manuals, checklists, goals and incentives.

Keep your staff and management team always inspired.

Train them to face any situation good or bad that arises.

Make sure they are enthusiastic and motivated to pursue your goals and adhere to your restaurant’s unique concept.

Establish and maintain perfect management structure to everyone knows and understands their own responsibilities.

Your management team should be committed, motivated and adept at running the restaurant when you are not present.

Problem #3: Customer Service

Making your first impression on customer is always important. You may have excellent food quality, attractive table arrangements but if you have poor service customer will always remember it, this can prevent growth of your business.

The key to successful restaurant business is happy customers. Train your entire team – from management to hostess and wait staff – must be dedicated to your customer’s well-being.

Each member of your staff must be pleasant and welcoming to your customers.

hospitality in restaurants

The way you handle your customers always create impact on your business.

You behaviour decides whether customer will come back or not.

If any of your staff members behaves rudely with your customer and customer puts a bad online review about your business, this can cause a huge damage.

As you know digital market keeps growing you should be aware to make your presence in that market.


Problem #4: Marketing and Advertising

Many restaurant owners fail to acquire market appropriately. You could avoid this by following these tips.

If you are beginner into restaurant business, make proper advertisement of your business. Let people know about your business. Attract them by offering discount and loyalty programmes.

Make you mission statement, logos an graphics.

Create attractive website, provide online ordering feature.

Use local business directories.


Make your online presence by GMB(Google My Business), Bing, yahoo, etc.

Social media is always helpful for business. Make your presence on social sites. Stay active on social accounts, post photos reviews, share testimonials.

Start email service. You can send bill through email which creates professional impact.

A great deal of your clients can be accessed directly through social media channels.

We all could use more time, more capital, more training, and more marketing towards our business.

Problem #5: Uniqueness

Every restaurant is offering food and service then why customer should come to your restaurant only?

Your service and food quality can be helpful but it is not unique about your business.

You should come up with the idea of your own.

Customer must find something new in your restaurant.

This is the special thing which makes your business different from your competitors. Implement your own idea to create uniqueness about your business.

Above are few common problems which restaurants are facing now days.

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