5 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

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Are you worried about your restaurant sales? Not getting expected money from restaurant business? Don’t worry here is the solution.

10 years before there is not much competition in restaurant business, so it became easy to make money in restaurant business, but now as you see there is huge competition and your customer is also became smart. According to survey in India 62% new restaurant business fails every year. If you are thinking to open new restaurant or you are currently owner of restaurant, then you must read the following points to become a successful restaurant owner. If you are not much interested in improving business then this article is not for you.


Asap Foodz Pricing

When you decide to start restaurant business, first question you ask yourself “how much investment will be there?” second question will be “how much I will gain per month/quarter/year?”.

I just want to clear you that money matters to everyone, so now think about your customers money in your restaurant. Now it’s time to ask a question yourself “menu item price is affordable to my customers?”, ”Am I providing worth service?”. If you really ask these questions to yourself you will understand the simple price logic and you will start thinking about your customer’s money to improve your sales.

If you are getting rs20000/month profit for 3 months and you are getting rs15000/month for 6 months, you should go with second option. As you are a business owner you must think about long term plans for our business and set your price according to it.

If your customers are not happy with your item price, then it’s time to think about price. Be a good competitor in your business. Set your item price according to your service, quality and competition.



Menu in restaurants

“What is your restaurants specialty?” is most commonly asked question by customer. Set your menu according to customer’s choice. If you own veg restaurant then you must have lots of varieties of food items or if you own non veg restaurant, then you should have more varieties.

Always aware about customer’s taste, if you are having restaurant in north India and your restaurant menus are south Indian. How it will be possible to increase your sales.

Prepare attractive menu so that you will be able to impress your customer. Add food items which are more famous in region (also able to make them as expected). Arrange menu items like it won’t much time to find and decide what customer wants.

Your menu should be mirror of your business that should reflect your business goals, service to customers.



hospitality in Restaurants

Provide service in such way that your customer must be happy with your service. It is the only way to gain customer rather than your food quality.

Every person wants to feel special and he spends more time where his speciality is appreciated.  This is key to make your customer satisfied, make your customer feel special and he will definitely visit again and again to your restaurant.

Never disappoint your regular customer, if something goes wrong never be too late to apologise. Always treat your customer like king and he will be kingmaker for you in your business.

While providing service always remember few things like table must be clean, environment should be pleasant in your restaurant, proper air conditioning, good table service, order should not be late, etc.

Always appreciate your customer’s suggestions and take immediate action on your customer’s complaints.

Find as many as possible ways to make your customers satisfied and happy.

Make your restaurant more modern like use tablets for taking orders. Show order status on screen.

Utilize complete space in restaurant. You can have beautiful paintings, a small play garden for kids.

Always be patient listener with your customer and never try to argue. Pay continue attention to service provided by staff members, if staff member is providing good service customer will come back to your restaurant.


Be different

something diffrent

“Why should customer come to your restaurant?” answer this question to yourself and always keep answering. That makes your business different from others.

Always keep improving your service and make yourself aware about market.

Design your restaurant in some different way that customer wouldn’t have seen anything like this.

Make something creative which will be different from your competitors e.g. if you have good budget design your restaurant more attractive and if possible follow particular theme like traditional, western, etc.

You can have different costume theme for your staff members as per your restaurant speciality.

Your ultimate aim is keep your customer happy and increase your sales.

Install a POS system which will manage your business and makes your work easier.

Let customers know about you

online marketing

After starting a new restaurant or if you are currently owner of a restaurant you must have a strategy for marketing of your business.

Always remember if your restaurant is having crowd of customers, that crowd will bring more crowd. People are more attracted toward crowded places they think, you are having crowd then you must have food quality, good service which is true.

Keep advertising your business whether it is online or offline.

Conduct loyalty programmes for your customers.

Now days almost everyone reads reviews about your business, so get some good reviews from your customers.

Create an attractive website for your business, show your menu their and special services that you have.

Your website is online presence of your business so make it more powerful, because you all know the importance of online presence.

There are so many food applications available contact them and be a part of fast service providers.

Always be aware of online market, generate your area wise reports by using POS system. Decide your powerful strategy for running successful business.


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